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Thursday, 3 October 2013

First Halloween in the Spiral!

Being kind of new to Wizard101 still, I have not experienced any of the holidays in the Spiral.

I was impressed with the Birthday celebrations, but little did I know that KingsIsle go to that level many times during the year! How cool, and well done to KingsIsle.

When I signed in today there was the message about a new quest. I popped over to Dworgyn and it was a busy place to be!! Seems everyone has been 'dying' to see what the Halloween treats for 2013 will be!

I have already seen lots of the new 'FrankenBunny' pets hopping around, and ghosts floating around everywhere.

Looking forward to this month of spooky festivities! I'll be back on later to see what the quest has in store. Lots of Tricks and Treats to be had, I'm sure!

Until Next Time!

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