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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pet Training

Found that my couch potatoes turned Elder today so after harvesting them, I thought it might be time to use some of my pet snacks.

Poor Lacey has been waiting for her last talent to be revealed and I have been trying to get enough good pet snacks to make the 2000 needed not seem so daunting.  She has good stats with Intellect, Agility and Power all at 250, and Strength and Will just short of the 250.

Unfortunately, I had to garden a little first but managed to get Lacey from 4/2000 to 470/2000 today and still have plenty of 50, and 45 point snacks to use.

Although most people go for the 2 shields and 3 heal type of pets being a Life wizard I find that I don't really need the heal ones as much.  So, although Pip O'Plenty and Sharp-Shot may not be what everyone likes, for me, at the moment, it works.

Ok, so Pip O'Plenty helps with my power pip chance getting it to 96%.  Why do I want it that high?  For a life wizard needing 8 pips for a Forest Lord I want to be able to start a fight with 2 power pips, blade up in round one, blade up in round two then hit with Forest Lord.  Great for a quick fight.  It also helps when I want to heal me or someone else.  A fairy for one power pip heals for 683 or 1366 when criticalled - pretty useful for one pip.  I really don't want to get the noob pips.

Life wizards have accuracy of 90%, add another 6% from my pet (Sharp-Shot) and 1% for my boots and it makes my spells a lot more reliable.  Going into a fight and knowing that fizzling will either not happen or will be a one off is something that I have grown very used to :)

Now the only surprise is what the final talent reveal is.  Energy seems to come back so slowly sometimes lol

Will keep you updated and have my fingers crossed for her last talent.

Alia :)

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