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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ancient! Pet Training

Hey everyone, Blaze here and I have recently been hatching a bit with Morgrim. I always wanted a Penumbra Drake because of the awesome spell at Epic/Mega but by hatching with Morgrim's Coldfire Dragon I now have something new.

The first Coldfire that I got had pretty good stats and learned Unicorn at teen and Fairy Friend at adult. It was off to a pretty good start but I didn't want to train it further in case of getting something bad. I hatched again and by adult the two pets had exactly the same talents. I chose the one with the highest stats and this is what I got.

/\ Click to enlarge. /\

YES!! Finally a pet with Fairy and Spell Proof. This was definitely going well and now it is time to train my other Coldfire. Once I get awesome talents I can hatch with a Penumbra to try and get one. I hope it my pet training keeps going well (those Couch Potatoes are working overtime) because I'm starting to get low on Mega Snacks!

Good Luck with your pet training!

Until next time!


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