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Monday, 14 April 2014

No news on Khrysalis Part 2?

Leading the pack in the stories this week :
  • Blaze's Pet at MEGA - Did it give him what he wanted? Read on and find out!
  • 101 days of 2014 - sounds like a good excuse for a sale! 
  • New Fox Pet - dropped by the final boss....
 The most interesting thing about the stories around the Spiral Web this week is the almost complete lack of Khrysalis Part 2 news! I was convinced there would be some! And thanks to KI, everyone is now aware that we are past 101 days into the new year!

There is also the exciting news of a new craftable house in Azteca, the Mount-a-Palooza sale continues and the onset of Spring in the West seems to have spawned many a contest. Who knows what next week will bring? Enjoy, and we'll bring you another round-up this time next week!

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