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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back Into It.....

Hey everyone,

Boy it feels like ages since I've had the opportunity to write a new post... and this one is just a quick update on where I am at, so a quick read for you guys! I haven't been on Wizard101 a whole lot recently, just one of those times when other things get in the way. It was nice to be back and just running around knocking off a few of those quests that have been sat there a while.

So I've just finished the Floating Land. I hope the story takes me back up there at some point, but for now it's down below I go. My next stop is Stormriven. I was slightly concerned to see underwater submarine scenery back on the horizon, so I gave a huge sigh when I saw that this place is more a mix of the submarine and the celestial. I've just leveled up to 66, which is the first time I have leveled up in such a long time!

I have a long way to go into Stormriven, but felt compelled to use the following shot in this short post. It's like some kind of celestial game of chess. It actually would have been quite cool to have a game on those squares.

One thing I am still struggling with over here is the best use of my training points. I have 10 of them at the moment, and I'm struggling to work out if it is really worth using nearly all of them to train in the astral spells of that increase the power of your damage. Reading the forums, I know quite a few have, but I don't want to use them and then find something else is close that I would rather use them on. For now, I'll just continue to buy them at the Bazaar. Happy to hear what you guys did when faced with this decision!!

So that's my little update. I'll have more posts soon :)

Until Next Time,


  1. Yes it is very worth it if you play the speed game. Although 100 damage increase seems tiny it also stacks with your gear. I have trained up to monstrous and just that is very useful. Here's an example using meteor strike. Without the monstrous with my gear damage (62%) it will do about 500 damage. But with monstrous it will do 750 damage adding 250 damage to the attack. If I were to get the next ones it would be even higher! I personally think these are really great cards if you like to play more of a hammer set up

  2. Hey Colin, That is a very good point that I hadn't considered. I was purely looking at it from adding a number, but stacking... you're right - that puts a different slant on it. And nowadays I hardly ever play a spell without either Monstrous or Gargantuan on it.... so I guess I really should just bit the bullet and use those training points!
    Thanks for replying.