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Sunday, 20 April 2014

To Summon a Monster

Hey everyone,

I leveled up to 68 today, and up popped Dworgyn with the great news that another spell is waiting to be learnt. So I dropped everything and hot-footed it over to Nightside.
Dworgyn sent me over to see Dr Von Katzenstein.... who had much to say....
So... We meet again. Who sent you? Dworgyn? It has been years since he worked for me. Whatever does he want? Oh... He seeks the secret of my  monster, my greatest creation! You know that really takes me back... We were young, and I was just getting into the whole mad scientist things, and Dworgyn had just graduated from Hench School. The things we used to get up to! Robbing graveyards, stitching corpses, calling lightning from the sky! Those were the days...
But I am afraid that I cannot help you. My papers were stolen from my lab some time ago. I heard rumours that they had been taken by a sorcerer named the Hoarder, but I do not know anymore. Go now, and slink back to Dworgyn with your tail between your legs. Oh, you don’t have a tail? Well... Let me out of this cell, and I’ll fix that...
Next up it's back to Dworgyn to see where I am led for the second part of this quest....
Did Katzenstein teach you what you needed to know? It Katzenstein says his papers contain the secret to building his famous Monster, then you must recover it! I’ve heard that the hoarder hides out in Dragonspyre, but I have no idea where! You know who will know? Milos Bookwyrm! The librarian of the Atheneum will know everything going on in Dragonspyre! Milos Bookwyrm is as sharp as a scalpel, and quick as lightning. Nothing escapes his notice! Go and speak to him!
So.... we are off to Dragonspyre next.....
Oh, hello there. Have we met before? It’s been so quiet around here... I can barely remember my own name! You are looking for the Hoarder, yes? That is unfortunate. The Hoarder is very powerful, not to be trifled with. There are those who claim it is a servant of Morganthe, Queen of the Shadow Web, gathering magic towards her return.
The Hoarder lurks in a tower with the Plaza of Conquests. Katzenstein’s notes will be with the Books of Death. But be wise and stay away from that place. I am a ghost, and I would not meddle with the Hoarder!
I was wondering when a battle would take place, but I was really surprised to see that this Rank 11 Boss was about 7,000 health LESS than the last spell I learnt. A mere 8,710 health!

Of course it was a Death Boss. I was expecting it to be fairly easy, and it was. Surprisingly so.  I had packed plenty of Prisms and used them to good effect. It wasn't long before this battle was over........

So it's back to Dworgyn...... happy that the journal has been retrieved, it seems the best place to call the spell to life is outside in front of dear old Mortis. So off I go, only to find out that the papers are too messy to work..... I am advised to go back to Dworgyn, but before I do I catch something out of the corner my eye.... the spell is working!
So I stay to watch.... It's actually a pretty cool spell to watch, although I notice that it is not one I see in battle too often.

As with all these new spells, I like to use them quite quickly to see what they look like when cast, and this at least looks a bit different to many of the death spells.

Back with Dworgyn and he confirms that I have my new spell. It is a 9-pip spell, and one that gives health back which is aways useful. Should be good to get a high hit out of at some stage.
My highest hit so far is less than 8,000 - I have no idea how anyone even gets close to 1-in-a-million, but hopefully one day I will find out!

Until next time,


  1. Congrats on your new spell! As a level 95 Necromancer, I still use this spell all the time. While it does less damage than Skeletal Dragon, the health back makes it the most useful attack spell for the death school. Don't worry, you'll be able to do more damage as you get more astral spells. I am able to do 100,000+ damage!

    Good Luck in the spiral,
    Wolf DeathHunter

  2. Hey Wolf. Thanks for your reply. I am looking forward to using it, and yep - that health sure is a bonus!