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Monday, 7 April 2014

Is that Khrysalis Part 2 around the corner?

Leading the pack in the stories this week :
  • Khrysalis Part 2! The test realm is up and we seem to be on the final strait for the big release!
  • MMORG are having another competition. Pop over to get your free elixirs! 
  • Duelist101 - Want to find out more about the Maycast Shadow Forged Weapons?
 ....... Remember there is heaps more on offer in the full edition, all the blogs and You-Tubes you may have missed during the last week in the Spiral......

Relax, put your feet up and Enjoy! We'll have another one ready for you next week.... and I wonder what the KhrysalisPart 2 news will be then?

Until Next Time,

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