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Friday, 2 May 2014

Minigame Madness - Chapter 7

The seventh chapter of the minigames, the end is closing in!

Conjuring up "Conjuration Concentration" to play next in my adventure. This  is basically a game of memory. You start with the images periodically revealed so you can see where each one is; you can watch this for as long as you need to memorize the cards.

When you are ready select one of the cards and the timer will start. You will gain more points through combos and having a perfect level (not getting a single match wrong). The game doesn't get difficult till about the 5th level, although then it becomes rather tricky to play. Even though you can see the cards, sometimes you may miss one in the match and then have to look for it. Once momentum is lost it is easy to forget all the cards you just tried to memorise against the ones you have already flipped.
The timer gets quicker and quicker as the levels increase, to further increase the difficulty!

But all in all the game was rather fun and definitely challenging around the 5th level. I may come back to this one to see if I can win some of the extra prizes as it was an enjoyable game.

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

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