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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Grub Guardian: The Helephant Tower

Here we are with another Grub Guardian post...

The Helephant Tower is a Wysteria map (costs crowns to buy, I HIGHLY suggest spending crowns on Wysteria maps). Wysteria maps are definitely worth the couple hundred crowns needed as you will win so many crowns items as rewards that easily make up what you spent.

Anyway, I completed this map using star towers. Yes yes, I know, more crowns items... But seriously. This level is so insanely hard to get a gold medal on that I couldn't get it after going at it for around an hour. I can finish it, just not perfectly.

Here is the video.

Ok, basic strategy is just centralising the Epic fire pet and letting the star towers do the work. They are seriously overpowered. Anyway, you need to put down the Ice towers for those Helephants near the start as they are pretty quick but move ridiculously slowly with ice slow.

Hope you enjoyed and I will have more Grub Guardian posts out soon.

See you next time!

- Blaze

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