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Sunday, 25 May 2014

'Understood by Few' - Arcane Builders Bundle

Hey Everyone,

You all know that I love creating my houses, and throwing crafting into the mix... well I am never happier. But what's this I see appearing everywhere? I can BUILD a castle. From the ground up? 

What a totally awesome concept - I love it, especially if it could make it's way to Australia so I can buy it!!! Hint Hint!!

So it's the Arcane Builder's Bundle.. 

This is a bundle process like no other too. 

You buy them in stages and get different Estates for each purchase if you use them for one Wizard:

1st Bundle = Midday Estate
2nd Bundle = Meadows at Dusk
3rd Bundle = The Night Garden

So it looks like each is slightly different (not just the time of day!), and you get to re-arrange them as well. Swordroll has some great video on his blog (links are at bottom of post). 

The bundles come with the plots, about 250 blocks for the Midday Estate, and each step up comes with more blocks. The house comes built, but you can take it down and rebuild it! It doesn't get much better than that!

Thanks to Paige, I am also including the helpful hints and tips for building :

Automatically Select Next Block – After you place a castle block, if you have more of that same kind of block, you immediately start placing another one.

Snap Blocks – Only allow placement of castle blocks in a grid formed by the nearest castle block of the kind you’re placing.

Hide Higher Items – Hides all items above you and makes the ceiling of the level you’re on transparent.

Lock Blocks – Prevents picking up or moving of any castle block in any house.

Thank you to Paige Moonshade (Paige's Post), Stars of the Spiral (Starsofthespiral's Post) and Swordroll (Swordroll's Post) for their awesome pages - please make sure you check them out!

Until Next Time,

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