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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Still Learning

Hey everyone,

I had a revelation this week. A revelation about my Wizard 'style' or maybe a characteristic I have unwittingly adopted... It is complacency.... I am too complacent.

You see, as a Death Wizard I have become so used to coming back from the brink.

My damage|health spells always seem to be there just when I need them. Or I play a Sacrifice Spell that goes critical. Oh, and as an aside note, when you are Death, go critical on Sacrifice, then block it - it's just awesome. Rebuilds almost all your health in one fell swoop!

So what happened? In a word - Ice. A fight with 3 Ice enemies of which one is a boss to be precise. I knew I would need to deal with the Tower Shields. They are always prevalent in an Ice boss fight. So I packed Poison to counteract that one. Tower Shields are an issue, but one that a bit of thought can overcome. Oh and I made sure that my wand was Fire. That way I could do maximum damage and another way to get rid of those annoying Tower Shields.
There are three main problems with this particular boss fight:
  1. Prevalent Tower Shields
  2. Stun
  3. Starting second in a battle of 3 against 1
I am embarrassed to admit they are defeating me..... truth be told, they have defeated me 3 times so far!!! I cannot remember the last time that happened! It's time to think up a better deck strategy, in that respect I am still very much the student.

I will let you know how I go on this one....

Until Next Time,


  1. Good luck. Hope you find a winning strategy.

  2. Hey Scarlet.
    I still think its crazy that some battles are just so hard, and then others that seem as if they would be hard are a breeze!! Ice appears to be my Nemesis in the Spiral though.....I definitely need to put some effort in here!