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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Hexfin Horror Averted

Hey everyone,

As you can see from the rather sorrowful picture, I am continuing to have problems defeating Acastus Hexfin. Even Patch looks a little dejected right now.

This continuing rate of defeat has meant that I have made good use of the one of the new features.... The one where you can teleport back to the battle you just failed at. I'm guessing that we must be in the realms of 14 or maybe more defeats. So I have made very good use of this feature.

Back to the battle. I got close a few times.
In fact one of my defeats was down to pure bad luck and a dodgy internet connection. Imagine my frustration when the boss is dead, minion 1 is dead and minion 2 has 146 health left. And take a look - I have full health of 3162. A great position to be in......
Victory is within my grasp - one little spell and I will succeed. But the screen does not refresh - I'm just standing there..... the internet connection has failed. How quickly can I reset and log back in?
Well the answer is - not quickly enough. By the time I am back on I am back at base camp and my health is 35.
Persistence is one thing. Patience is another - and right now I am running out of both.

I know as long as I start the battle I have a good chance. My deck is working pretty well, and I have been crafting the Gargantuan treasure cards to increase my hit. But I am getting rather tired at this stage.... so I call out to a certain Fire Wizard I know to see if he could help.

I had a feeling that once Morgrim was in the mix this battle wouldn't last long..... Fire against Ice... and Fire with a good level of damage..... let's just say I wasn't proved wrong! I had a tactic to defeat the boss first. He doesn't generally use the Tower Shields until he is very low in health, and it was working well for me.... but no such tactic needed in this battle. Round by round their Shields were shattered and their health depleted.

And this battle finished perfectly. With one left to defeat, Morgrim casts first, and I cast second. Morgrim doesn't quite take him out, so it's all down to me. With everything crossed that I don't fizzle at this crucial stage.... Phew.

It was done. After an embarrassing number of defeats, one round with Morgrim and the deed is done. I still feel the need to get through this battle on my own merit.... but in reality that can wait till another time. I am happy to get through and not to have to face Hexfin again for some time to come.

Thanks for coming to my rescue Morgrim, I really hope the next battle is not so time consuming to complete!

Until Next Time,


  1. As a glass cannon solo fire in this one the 2 mobs and one boss who started with what, 5 pips normally knocked me out round two so i was forced to change my strat. As i had one training point for which i used on treant poly. Then i went to Bazar and got 50% ice resist. Then I just went slow and when I got dangerously low i'd use treant and pull out a 7 pip dryad.
    I also used the same strat while fighting a 7000 life fire boss with a fire mob. Here i went and bought cat burglar polys and built up 72% resist to fire. Now the trouble was getting through the other guys resist with the shield happy mob. I decided to use a feint on the mob with a 15 percent pierce on it to kill the minion. Because of the 72 percent the boss couldn't really hurt me so when i had 14 pips i quickly polyed to Cat Burglar and with a storm blade critical tempest i finished him.
    Although most strats with same school bosses include prisms, without mass prism that's a little hard. I really think stacking resist then a poly is useful against them towards celestia but at Avalon switch back to prisms.
    Thanks for listening to my long ramblings!

  2. Hey Colin. I am glad I am not the only one with trouble on this one. I do usually find perseverance sees me win through, particularly being death and being able to self heal. I haven't used any of the poly-morph spells. I'm always too concerned they'll give me worse than I already have!!
    Thanks for taking the time to reply with your strategy, it's always great to hear how other wizards approach these trickier battles.

  3. Hey Colin, I can remember when I first hit Celestia, I hunted down those polys like you wouldn't believe. Treant (for a Firey) was a Godsend! Finally! I could heal!

    Hexfin (for Fire) isn't too bad thanks to great over time, attack all enemy spells :) A critical scald or Dragon deals with them pretty well. That said, as Fire, I needed healing badly and I worked hard to kill some of the other Bosses. Through Celestia, I used Treant polys regularly, and Cat Burglar for any multiple Fire enemies - gotta love the Tempest.

    You are right though, once you get to Avalon, the zero resist of the polys becomes more of a hassle than a help. You have to completely change your strategy to rule them out at this stage. At least you get a mass prism from the Ponycorn. That thing comes in very, very handy!


  4. Oh, and it was my pleasure Tab :)

  5. Interesting reading about your tribulations but am so pleased for you that you are finally past him. I know how frustrating it is being stuck and trying over and over to get through.

    I'm feeling happy with myself too. Was stuck for ages on a Balance boss and 3 Balance minions in Khrysalis and I have a Balance wiz. Finally beat them with the aid of gargantuam ghouls and guargantuan one pip storm spells. Ha, mana burn me now and see if I care monster!

    It is great to be able to progress with the story - as you no doubt know :) Really enjoy hearing how you get along with your questing. Good luck and have fun!

    (Sorry cannot spell guarantuan.)

  6. Hey Scarlet. I still feel I let myself down a bit calling Morgrim over to help, but I had seriously had enough!

    Well done to you on your win though - the Happy dance would have been well worth it for that defeat!!

    I've just opened up Zafaria, be interesting to see what I make of that world - I'm sure there will be a post on it soon enough :)

    Have fun!

  7. Let down? :( But I like to help?!


  8. Oh Morgrim. You know I appreciate the help.... and I do have some BIG dungeons with your name all over them - when you get the time..... oh and my next boss fight is all ice - seriously? I may need help again soon :)