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Monday, 26 May 2014

Building Castles, Buying Reagents, Being Kids

Highlights this week include.....
  • Morgrim's Bazaar Lurking Antics - Morgrim buying Reagents - tips included! 
  • Arcane Builder's Bundle - We can BUILD Castle's? WOW!
  • All Welcome - Wizard101 is not just for kids you know
The week started somewhat quiet in the Spiral, but it definitely ended with a BANG!! News of the Arcane Builder's Bundle took hold fast over the weekend, and I don't expect that the news will quieten until this bundle is out and we start seeing what Wizard's do with it.
Elsewhere, Tabitha finally met Morganthe, as she now enters Zafaria. But there is so much more out there! Click on the paper to find all the news and tips being shared by Wizards around the globe.

Find yourself a quiet spot and enjoy..... Look out for another round up next week!

Until Next Time,

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