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Friday, 30 May 2014

Astral Treasure Cards - no longer just Level 84+

Hey Everyone,

I have recently become aware of new Treasure Cards.... now this happens sometimes as I level up. All of a sudden cards I have never seen before are available in the Bazaar. I tend to buy now and look up later. So I have been buying them, most of them and whenever I see them. I haven't actually looked them up.

But then I started to run short of Gold - that hasn't happened in ages, so I thought it best to check these cards and make sure I am buying them for a reason and not just because they are new! And thanks as always to Wizard101 Central, I quickly found that these spells are pretty much school dependent.... I have popped their images below. Note that the cards I have been buying have the "No PVP" cross on them, so they are slightly different.

Looking into this more, I have found out that I should really be looking at Virulence - luckily I had bought more of these than any of the others - see it in action below; 

Now these were level 84 Treasure Cards only, so I wondered why I was seeing them. After a bit of research I found out that ever since Khrysalis part 2 came out there are two types of these cards.

The original ones that drop in Azteca still drop and they are still no auction or trade, but the ones that drop in the new areas can be traded or sold at the bazaar, but can't be used in pvp. Both types can be used in crafting.

I have used Virulence a few times now, and my hits have been great - this is definitely one I will continue to buy. My only advice is to check the last part of each one, as that is incoming to you - not to the enemy! Virulence gives me 10% increased life hit, so not one I would use against a Life boss for instance.

That's all from me right now.

Until Next Time,


  1. I agree, that 25% extra thumpy power is great. I hadn't realised that they were in the Bazaar, thanks, I will have to look for some for my other wizards.

    My Balance trained both Chatisement and Punishment. Must admit though that I initially read them wrong, thought I got a 25% extra Balance hit PLUS an extra 5% on the other schools. :( Must admit as well to be not too sure if the 25% counts when using something like the Hydra (which uses both Balance blades and Fire, Storm, Ice blades) I guess that it must do... ?

    Thanks this was a helpful one, Tabitha :)

  2. Hey Scarlet. So glad you found it useful. You know I did the same when I first saw them, thought it was all outgoing. That's one of the reasons I started buying them all, even those with schools I never use spells in - I just thought the extra power Pips were worth having. Then of course I realised my mistake, and sold them back to the Bazaar for 1/4 what I paid for them :(
    A lesson learnt there!!!