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Friday, 9 May 2014

Minigame Madness - Chapter 8

The eighth and final chapter of minigame madness has arrived!

"Dueling Diego" has fought his way into my adventure! This minigame is by far my favorite, it is difficult, fun and has a point to it!

This is the only minigame where you advance properly in the sense that you play as Diego the dueling master fighting against a horde of Gobbler pirates! You control Diego with the normal up, down, left and right keys and attack with the a (High attack), s (Mid attack) and d (Low attack) and the spacebar to jump.

The first round is below deck where you fight normal gobblers, blood bats and jump barrels. When you reach the end you must fight the captain who takes 5 hits to kill. The strategy to hit him is to go right up to him for a moment and attack when he attacks then jump back and do that again.

Don't worry all that much about the hearts as they will regenerate over time. Although as you get further into the game it takes longer to heal. I only managed to make it to the third area but it is refreshing to play a minigame where I feel that I am actually advancing. I will most definitely be coming back to this one and attempting to beat it or at least get as far as I can!

So all of those games for one little bottle of potion, but hey they were fun and I enjoyed all of them. At least I now know which games I like and which ones I will leave alone.

What is your favorite minigame and why? Or do you just buy the potions?

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

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