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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nice to Meet You - Or Is It?

Hey everyone,

I understood how excited everyone was with the culmination of the Morganthe story in Khrysalis part 2.  I mean I understood that it would be exciting to have a whole new area to explore, and stories to encounter. But the culmination of Morganthe? Well I couldn't get excited about that! I mean how could I? I had never even met her!

The only knowledge of her story that I have so far is that she is an evil sorceress who conspires to steal the secrets to the Astral Magic in Celestia. She is spoken about in whispers, I grab little parts of the story as I move around this astral land. But she never appeared..... well now I can say - that is no longer true. It seems I have reached the part of Celestia where Morganthe shows herself in flesh and blood.

There is no battle, but that was the same with Mallistaire back in the Big Ben clock-tower. Appearing with foreboding and words to chill your soul.....

It seems I have much to look forward to as the next chapters unfold. 

Until Next Time,

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