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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Return to ... Unicorn Way!!

You know, sometimes I like to duck back to two places, Unicorn Way and Hunted Cave.  I think I like them because Unicorn Way holds my first real Wizard101 memories, and because I didn't have Crowns for a while, Haunted Cave was my first really scary time.

I was doing the Cave once and a Wizard on a flying mount was watching one of our fights.  He jumped down to join in and wow...he had nearly 2,000 health!  Then he cast this spell that looked just like the scary pumpkin head things we were fighting - and it killed them all!!  In one hit!! AND he got energy from it!  WOW!

That was one of the first times I knew I wanted to be a high level wizard.  Every now and then, I go back and visit and help out the new batch of young Wizards that have just entered the Spiral.

Check it out though - my first fight, and it looks like I am not the only one playing games today :)

Then, of course, comes the satisfying finish!

Then it is off to Hunted Cave, and guess what?  First fight here and another high level!  Looks like lurkers everywhere!

Have you ever found yourself reliving those memories, but this time really punishing the enemies?  There is a strange sense of satisfaction being able to do it now.

Anyway, if you see me around, make sure and say "Hi!"

See you 'round the Spiral!


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