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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My first Mega Pet!

Hey everyone,

As you know I have been training a new pet called Patch. This one was another Morgrim hatch, but with a Penumbra Drake. I used my best Ianthine Hound, Winston for this hatch. Now the reason I chose a Penumbra Drake is that they are 'Ace Avengers' - otherwise known as 'May Cast Vengeance'. I decided to try for this talent, as my critical hit was still lacking a bit.

Training started and luckily I had around 48 mega snacks to use. The first talent revealed for Patch was Curse Giver. This is not really want I wanted, but I carried on regardless. The pedigree of the two pets was good.... so this pet must have picked up at least a couple of good stats, surely?

Each Talent reveal after Teen was good, and I continued to train. Today was the day that Patch got to Mega status. Actually this is the first time I have trained a pet to Mega - I was chasing Fairy Friend. My garden is non-existent because I have chosen to train and I need energy.
Anyway the results are in - Fairy Friend, so once again I am doing the Happy Dance!

So in Order the Talents revealed are:

  • Teen - Curse Giver
  • Adult - MC Vengeance
  • Ancient - MC Unicorn
  • Epic - MC Spritely
  • Mega - MC Fairy

Now curse giver is the only  talent that I don't want, and the stats for Patch aren't quite perfect either. As you can see Intellect and Will are not at maximum level. I am thinking that maybe I should try another hatch with Morgrim's Penumbra Drake, but for now I am out of Mega Snacks and it's back to gardening for a while.

You know I was after a healing pet with MC Vengeance... and that is exactly what I got. Time to think about what else would be useful..... a Red Ghost card would be pretty cool.... As always I'll let you know!

Until Next Time,


  1. Great work with this one Tab. It is a great basis to start with. I'll get Miss Callie's stats up while you garden and next hatch should be spot on :)


  2. Thanks Morgrim! The challenge will be to hatch and come away with a hound, as well as great stats :)