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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

MC Fairy - being fixed today

Hey everyone,

There are some minor updates being applied tonight, and that includes the fix being applied to the MC Fairy Pets. The full details are below:

The following minor game updates will be added to Wizard101 on February 12th 2014

  • The Dark Fairy minion who accompanies Rattlebones will have her health reduced to match other Dark Fairies in Unicorn Way
  • The pet spell "May Cast Fairy" will now cast with the same frequency as the pet spell "Spritely"
  • A few individuals (approximately 150 people) with erroneous PvP score rankings (negative numbers, impossible loss rates, for example) have had their rankings adjusted. If this impacts you, and you want to know more about why your score was adjusted, send an email to our team
  • Grinding down the grind - Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca & Khrysalis have all had their minimum level entry requirement reduced. See the chart below:

WorldQuest Requirement
(this will still be required)
Old Level
New Level
CelestiaThe Final Countdown (Dragonspyre)4844
ZafariaThrough This Door (Celestia)6055
AvalonThrough Glass Darkly (Zafaria)7065
AztecaA Great Storm Coming (Avalon)8075
KhrysalisSpeaker for the Dead (Azteca)9085

Must admit that I wasn't expecting the levels to change, but looks like some of you wizards will be reaching Khrysalis earlier than you might have expected!

Until Next Time,

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