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Friday, 28 February 2014

Ooooh - not Khrysalis Part 2 yet...

Hey Everyone,
Looks like the team at Kingsisle have been very busy listening to what everyone is asking for. I know there are plenty of Wizards who are patiently waiting for Khrysalis part 2.... but the test realm has been opened again to test some pretty exciting updates.

According to the updates page "This update is to help prepare for the Khrysalis part 2 world expansion by introducing Team Up! and Dungeon Recall. We are also looking at helping out young Fire Wizards who are just getting started."

So lets take a look!

It's like PvP for Dungeons!!

A Team Up! Button has been added to the “Press X to Enter” window of most dungeon sigils. The button allows players to find other players that want to play the same dungeon even if they’re in different realms.
When you select the Team Up! option, you will be asked to confirm your action.You cannot choose or reject the team that you are placed in. If you're not happy with the team you were placed in, simply leave the dungeon and you will leave the Team. If you leave the dungeon you will have to wait five minutes before you can Team Up! again.


You will not be put on the same team as someone who you have ignored, or who has ignored you
Team Up! ignores Groups. Grouped players do not need to use Team Up! as you can just teleport to your Group members and join the dungeon together.
Team Up! does not use the 10 second sigil countdown, instead you will wait by the dungeon for others to join the team
When one player is waiting, they will wait until a second player joins
When the second player joins, a two minute timer starts. When the timer reaches zero, all players are teleported into the Dungeon
If a fourth player joins, the timer is ignored and the players are teleported right awayTeam Up! is available on most dungeons, but while this update is on the Test Realm, we encourage our players to congregate and test the Team Up & Dungeon Recall features at the following locations:

  • Sunken City in Wizard City
  • Waterworks
  • Emperor's Retreat in Krokotopia
  • Big Ben in Marleybone
  • Tree of Life in MooShu
  • The Great Spyre in Dragonspyre
  • The Chancel in Celestia
  • The Black Palace in Zafaria
  • Ghost Avalon in Avalon
  • Glimmering Chamber in Azteca
  • Nastrond in Grizzleheim
  • Tower of the Helephant in Wysteria
Ever wished you could just recall directly back to the dungeon you just left? Well now you can!

If you are defeated or teleported out of a dungeon that you were in alone, you now have the option to recall directly back to the start of that same dungeon. An icon will appear near your compass, and placing your mouse over that button will show you the Dungeon name, and a countdown timer showing how long you have before the Dungeon closes.

You will only see this icon when you have a currently recall-able dungeon available to you. If you are defeated or teleported out of a dungeon that you were exploring with other Wizards, you have the option to recall to the dungeon, but you will not see a timer.

If your friends complete the dungeon without you, you will not be able to recall to the dungeon and will receive the message that the Dungeon has been completed.If you return to an entry sigil of your currently active Dungeon, you will see the option to Resume your current dungeon.

If you choose to Resume your dungeon, you will immediately be teleported and will not have to wait for the Sigil countdown. This will prevent players from resetting your dungeon progress by joining you on the Sigils.
If you choose not to Resume your current dungeon, you will start a new Dungeon and abandon all progress in your previous version.

Fire Wizards are going to have a little more health in the early levels ( under level 15)
See the full update details for more information :
Note: This update doesn't take into account the changes to your stats with the gear you are wearing...

In an attempt to balance the early levels of being a Fire Wizard, the health of some of the bosses on Firecat Alley are being adjusted, as well as modifications to the Fire and Ice Shields cast by creatures in Wizard City. The most noticable improvement for young Fire Wizards will be the changes to the initial damage of the Fire Elf Spell.

A great bonus is that the Fire Elf will gain varied animations. Be cool to see these, so a trip to Fire Alley in the not too distant future is on the cards!


"Khrysalis part 2 is shaping up to be an amazing adventure. We're still continuing to shape and polish this culmination to Morganthe's story, but here's a sneak peek at some Concept art from Crescent Beach."

Hope you find this update useful, and exciting!!

Until Next Time,

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