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Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Madness of Jade Chairs

You know, when I got my Myth House I really wasn't sure what style would evolve as I started decorating. I know it took me a long time to make the plunge to buying it, but I am really glad I did. One of the first areas I started working on was on the ground level. A mixture of banners and potted plants and I quickly achieved what I wanted. Next up was what to fill the floor space with..... I decided on a bistro style area - tables and chairs all around. At the Bazaar I spent some time looking at the choice available, and decided on the low Jade table. I already had a recipe to craft Jade chairs.... And so it began.

First up was getting those tables. Although not rare - sometimes it takes a couple of days to get 1 or 2. I needed 8. And pretty quickly I had 8. Next the Jade chairs. I need 2 per table to achieve the look I want.
The biggest problem with the recipe is the need for Black Pearls. As you can see, I need 24 Black Pearls for one chair. Black Pearls cost 1875 gold at the Bazaar. Very rarely there is more than one available. And more often than not, Buy returns a "Item is Already Sold". I have a transmute card, so I can use that to create them, that needs 15 Black Lotus..... not always easy to get hold of either. Needless to say it has been a long process. Yesterday I decided to just needed to buckle down and put in the time at the Bazaar to get those Pearls. I had almost 200,000 gold.
Let the refresh begin! I have no idea how long it took, but you can see the results for yourself - I managed to get hold of 105 Pearls, and I am left with 839 Gold. That's 196,875 Gold.

I can craft 3 of them before the warning about the crafting slot, and then the wait begins. Actually, the wait involves hopping over to Hangfang to try and replenish some of that gold.

Always hoping for amulets over there, I'll admit I did 10 battles and not one amulet came my way. But at least I had some gold. I only needed 9 more Black Pearls and 20 Bones to finish my latest crafting quest.

So I hopped back over to the Bazaar and tried my luck again. The end was in sight.... come on Black Pearls...... and there it was. 10 of them. I had never seen 10 of them in one go before. I needed 9. I held my breath and tried to move that mouse as quickly as possible..... Success!! And a cheaper price than normal was the added bonus.
I did it!!! Time to craft that last chair and pop it in place.
I have to say I am pretty glad that is over. Those Jade Chairs are worth 300,000 Gold in Black Pearls alone. Add the other ingredients and I have no idea how much I have actually spent. But I think it was worth the effort. You can only see 6 tables in the shot below, but it gives you an idea of how the area has turned out. And you know the funny thing? That last Jade chair was my 250 housing limit item! It was obviously just meant to be!

  Another room done. Actually another house done! I'll post a few pics of the other rooms another time. But you know what? It's probably time I got back to doing some quests. I have 4 quests. Just 4. One page - time to hit Celestia I think. In the meantime - what do you think. Are the Jade Chairs worth the effort. Drop me a comment and let me know!

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  1. I have to say, I love your taste. The dining room is just beautiful. :) I'd probably never have the perseverance to do that - too much crafting and my enthusiasm goes out the window! (*cough* Untidy Bookshelf library *cough*)

  2. Hi Sophia. Thanks for your lovely comments! I'm really enjoying the crafting and decorating. I hope you'll like the rest of the house when I get round to that post. There is another area that I am really pleased with......

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.