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Friday, 14 March 2014

Tabitha's Myth House Revealed!

Hey Everyone,

As you may have read earlier this week, my Myth House is now done. Inside was complete when I placed the final Jade Chair, and the placing of the Carousel saw the garden also complete.

As promised here are a few pictures of the house. First up is the outdoor entertainment area. I have set a party theme here, and this is also where the majority of my sunflowers shine.

I wanted to create a fun area, that was also relaxed enough to kick back and take in the evening.

You have already seen the bistro area with the jade chairs and tables, so I'll skip that part of the house.

The pool area is the obvious choice for more of a celestial theme.More sunflowers and scattered cushions and mattresses make for the perfect spot to enjoy some ice-cream!

You have seen the carousel already, so I have taken a few more of the garden to showcase the myriad of colours provided by trees of all sizes and hues.

A few of the trees were tough to get hold of, and it is fun to walk around through some of their branches when you actually visit.

There are chickens, flowers, food carts and even a wooden well. My love of things that move meant I also had to place a couple of steaming pagodas.

Next up is a very functional kitchen and a rather blue sitting area. The kitchen is again crafted from the recipes bought in Grizzleheim. I hope there are different options a bit later in the game for crafting some different kitchen furniture.... if not then I guess I'll have to get some housing packs in the Crown Shop.

In the sitting room I was keen to create a blue floor to match those padded chairs. There were no carpets to suit, so I used 3 of the knotted rugs instead.
The last area is the rather pretty garden themed bedroom. This is the first time I have used a full carpet in a room, and I think it works very well. The bright cerise tones help bring the room alive, so I was happy to pick up a good mix of them. There are a few of the more difficult to acquire objects in this room too.

Again I have had a great time decorating this house. I really need to get back to questing though, as I have been doing anything but!

Once this gardening challenge is done, I will get back into it properly. At the moment I tend to stay in my gardening gear all the time! And I haven't even had to do much at Halfang recently. One of the bonus side effects of the extra gardening. I will post some more on this soon. Join me on Twitter and get behind me in this challenge! #Tabithatowin

Love to hear your comments on the house!

Until Next Time,


  1. Full of admiration here as the house and gardens look wonderful.

    If I had to pick a favourite area - something hard to do - it would have to be the side wall of the bedroom with your creative use of plants and cabinets.

    I expect you already know but some of the housing sets in the Crown Shop are available for gold. :)

    May you continue to enjoy the Gardening contest and good luck!

  2. Hey Scarlet. Thanks for your kind comments on the house. I really love creating these rooms and areas so it is nice to hear good feedback :)

    I did know that the housing sets could be bought for gold, and I have used one to create a bathroom in my Barn. I'm actually struggling a bit finishing that house... maybe I should finish that while I am busy gardening...

    Oh and thanks for wishing me luck on the gardening contest, but between you and me, I think Morgrim may well have underestimated me a bit on this one! Time will tell :)


  3. Great looking collages Tab. Another one done? for the challenge...well, I have to say, I didn't expect you to take it quite so seriously, and you may have caught me a little unprepared. However, as I'm sure you can understand, that just means I need to try that little bit harder...

    BTW Scarlet, did you know? I have to tell Tab my level, but she won't tell me hers lol :)

    Me thinks there is trickery afoot!


  4. Tabitha - I'm sure that inspiration will strike and it will then become a breeze to complete your Barn. Glad you knew that the packs could be got for gold. Looking forward to when you share the finished house.

    Morgrim - ha ha, sounds like your Tab is being a little sneaky, keeping you on your toes! If she does beat you then you can console yourself with the thought that you created a brilliant pair of gardening guides and gave her the tools to best you.

    Keep up the good work guys, your Keep is always a delight to visit :)

  5. Oh Morgrim!! You started a whole level above me, so only fair that I get to ask to see if I can catch up and then run with it!! But I haven't asked since Wednesday, and I'll keep it that way in the interests of fair play.

    And no trickery.... but yes I have taken the challenge seriously..... is there any other way lol!

    An interesting week ahead to be sure!

  6. Ah, I don't mind Tab, you know that. A challenge is a challenge and it has been good fun. I had gotten a little stale, so this was a nice change.

    And thank you for your kind words Scarlet :) I am glad you liked the books, and perhaps now I should add a chapter on "Power Leveling"? There is a strategy for that, and I am sure that Tabitha has employed it - at least I expect she has...I would be disappointed if that wasn't the case!!

    Then again, there is a few days left I'm thinking, but I have left my run a little late I fear! :)

    We enjoy adding to the blog, I'm glad you enjoy reading it!


  7. Depending on the outcome Morgrim, perhaps I should write that chapter eh?

    And thanks again Scarlet - the biggest issue I have with the Barn is I am at limit, so I need to adjust a few rooms so I can complete others... I'll get there though. Then there will be the quandary of what to do next lol!

    And ditto what Morgrim says... we love updating the blog, but even more so when we know it is being enjoyed