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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Biding my Time

 Hey Everyone!

For anyone that has been reading the blog recently, they will know that I have (somewhat foolishly) engaged with Morgrim in a race to reach level 20 Verdant Gardener.
 I've become a little bit (OK a lot!) obsessed by this challenge, and I needed a distraction! And I had a fair bit of gold too, selling my fares from obsessive gardening will do that for you!

So what to do? I had Gold and I had Time...... easy choice - time for Crafting something again! Plenty of room in the garden of my Myth House, so off I go to Grizzleheim, Dragonspyre and Celestia to chose the item.
It was an easy choice in the end... the Carousel. It was bright, fun and I didn't have all the reagents needed, so it would take a little time to complete.

Of the reagents required, I needed the Grendelweed and Ancient Scrolls. The Scrolls were fairly easy to find at the Bazaar, but Grendelweed... not so much. As many times as I hit refresh on the Reagents - that weed did not show. So I checked my backback for my transmute cards to see what I needed create some of my own.

As you can see, 15 Frost Flowers would give me 1 Grendelweed. These transmute cards are very handy - any serious Crafter needs them. They can be brought at Celestia, and the best news is that the crafting slot cool down is not triggered by them. So you can create as many reagents as you want!

It wasn't too long before I had everything in place. So off I went straight to my Barn, as that is where I keep my crafting tables. Pressing 'x' on my Housing Table, I was surprised not to see the Carousel waiting.... so I double checked the recipe..... Thanks to Morgrim's post about crafting tables I was able to identify that I needed the Dragonspyre Anvil. You can read up on it here. I also had a quick re-read of that post to remind myself of where to go in Dragonspyre! Thanks Morgrim :)

Once done, it was back to my Myth House to find a good garden spot. This garden is a myriad of colourful trees mainly, so I moved a few around to create a good sized area - and here it is!

I love it. And I think that this is another house I can call closed. I will pop some pictures up of my efforts later in the week. 

I guess it's back to gardening now! #Tabithatowin

Until Next Time,

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