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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Gardening for Gold.... Lots and Lots of Gold!

Hey everyone!

The gardening challenge continues, and one of the bonuses has been the amount of pet snacks I have been accumulating. The seeds I am using are not my usual ones, this is purely for the challenge, and I will write a post about it soon... but they produce lots of level 3 pet snacks. And they are making me a lot of gold!

Level 3? Really? How can you make gold with those? I can hear you asking those questions, so I took a video to show how much gold I made after just a few days of gardening. Take a look!

Over 100,000 gold was made in this video. I am getting this amount every 3 or 4 days - very handy! Only thing is I am not really spending any at the moment, so the amount of snacks I have just continues to grow.
Hope you found this an incentive to get gardening - there are lots of benefits, be they gold, reagents (and remember Amber can be awarded at elder!) or those Mega Pet Snacks...... Morgrim's e-books are available for free if you are not sure where to start - you can find them at the top of the blog.

The gardening challenge is moving into it's final phase this week, who do you think will win?

Until Next Time,

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