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Friday, 28 March 2014

Minigame Madness Chapter 2

Welcome to my second chapter working through the minigames of Wizard city!
This game is one of my favorite minigames as it isn't only fun but there is also an element of skill needed when playing. 

When you start you are a little wizard on the bottom right of the screen and the aim of the game is to shoot your arrows at the creatures that come to fight you. The first enemy is a little skeleton that pops out of the ground to walk up and take a life from you. The skeleton is an easy enemy but unless you hit him on the head he will just pause for a moment.... if you are able to hit him on the head then he will just fall and you will gain points. The longer you remain and the more points you get... the more enemies that come out.

The next enemy is a fire elf that sits on the second top part of the castle and shoots arrows at you. To defeat him you must have enough "Bow Strength" and the right trajectory; also sometimes if you hit him he will drop a ruby -  shoot it before it disappears and you get an extra point!. If you are able to hold both of these enemies at bay then a third enemy will appear at the top of the castle, a skeleton mage that shoots fireballs at the player! The way to defeat this creature is the same as the fire elf. Sometimes when you defeat the mage he will drop a sapphire and it will react the same way as the ruby but is worth more points. The upside to the last two enemies is that their attacks can miss, and will sometimes not hit you for a decent amount of time - unlike the third and last enemy, Zeus!

He will appear in the sky above the play and rain down lightening bolts at you, and he never misses!! Also he moves back and forth between the castle top and the top right of the screen making him harder to hit with your arrows. Although these monsters may be hard to hit, they have one downside, you can shoot their projectiles to destroy them and stop them from hitting you. If you manage to hit Zeus sometimes he will drop a diamond, they are worth the most amount of points and are worth aiming for straight away!

This game was very enjoyable, and I will definitely come back if nothing else but for a bit of fun.

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

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