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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Random Hatching

Hey everyone,

As you know I have been over at (and enjoying) Celestia recently - specifically The Floating Land.

As usual I was solo questing and had only seen one other Wizard in the immediate area. I checked to see if this Wizard was going OK and then carried on with my quests - clearing some of the bosses in this region. The other Wizard was obviously just behind me in his quests, and he soon came over and asked for help in the boss fights. He was a Storm wizard, David, and wanted help with a Storm boss. I had recently completed this fight and knew it was no drama, so agreed to help him.

Patch, my Ianthine Hound was in good form during the battle. I was constantly ablaze with the yellow dome of Vengeance, coupled with a helping of Balance Blades and some largely un-needed Fairies. The Storm Wizard was impressed and asked if I would hatch.

To be honest I really wasn't bothered either way. I was happy with Patch, although I knew it was time to start thinking a new pet talents, I wasn't in any real hurry. I had lots of Gold, so I said 'Sure'. As soon as the battle was done we headed over to the Pet Pavilion Hatchery. David was really very pleased with the result, and it felt good to help out, so a win win situation. I didn't even look at the Pet I acquired. After 5 minutes I saw the little Pet indicator telling me my Pet was ready, and that it had some odd name - as always it seems! I just carried on doing what I was doing and didn't give it another thought.

(Item Card) Sharpened Blade.pngToday I logged on and I thought I would check out the Pet. I had loads of Mega Snacks thanks to Couch Potatoes and Evil Magma Peas, and loads of energy as I am only growing 12 EMPs at the moment. Anyway, the Pet was Enchanted Armament. I had no clue whether this was good, bad or otherwise! The stats were all above 240 and I knew that was a fair start. The Pet comes with a Sharpened Blade at baby, which I thought may be pretty useful. Everything falls into place sometimes I guess, and I thought I had might as well do a bit of Pet training - see what this random hatch has produced.

My game of choice is always the Dance Game. It is quick and fairy easy. The first Talent reveal after 3 Mega Snacks is "Incredibly Infallible". I knew this spell well from my storm Toaddle, so I was encouraged to continue to Adult to see what would happen. Next up was "Ace Avenger".... hmmm two Astral MC Spells - this was new.

At this point I've still got heaps of energy and heaps of Mega Snacks left, so I decided to carry on through to Ancient - chasing a MC healing spell which I like to have in the mix. Lucky the whole process doesn't take long when you are feeding Fancy Yoghurt for each game....

And now I'd like to introduce "Lady Cleo", my latest Ancient Pet - complete with 2 Sharpened Blades and three May Cast Talents!

A totally unexpected result - a pet I was going to ditch to be honest. I've never used the sharpened blades before, but an extra 10% sounds pretty handy. Being a Death wizard with our own style of healing, a MC Healing pet isn't really necessary - although sometimes they can be very useful. At least I can be of use to others with the MC Unicorn.

So I'll keep this pet for a while, try it out on a few quests and then have a think about what to do. If I keep then I will definitely rename, though what to name a floating sword and shield? I'll miss having Patch at my feet though.... really do not like flying/floating pets at all.

Until Next Time,

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