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Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Other Side of the Challenge

Hey everyone,

Now the challenge is over, and I have had a little break from gardening, I thought I'd take time to let you know a bit more about the Key Lime seed and what I got out of the gardening challenge overall.

So the Key Lime seed is the one to go for if you want to level fast. Now it is a crown seed for 750 crowns and it can also be picked up in either the Skywyvern's or Wyvern's Hoard Packs. But you really only need one. Just one little seed and you will soon be off and running - trust me.

There are a few reasons why it is a great seed. The first is that it is extremely easy to look after. It has 3 needs, as you can see - but importantly it only has Rank 1 pests. This is really important if you are a lower level gardener, or if you are running your gardening to the maximum of your daily energy. The bug bolt only costs 5 energy, but even better is the Pungent Bug Spray - this costs a mere 10 energy and keeps the pests away for 48 hours. If, like me, you have more than one garden, each of them can have this spell running consecutively. Very handy.

The second reason is the speed this seed grows. This is what I spent most of my time working out when I was researching. You see, you can't just take the face value of the details you can get in Wizard101 Central, you need to also note the affect of the likes on your seed.
As you can see, the harvest time during Mature phase is 16-22 hours. Based on this I could expect one harvest a day. However, I had all the likes in place, and my harvest actually ran every 5-6.50 hours. What a difference! This meant that I could potentially harvest four times a day.
And I can honestly tell you that when time permitted that is exactly what I did!

Look at the following pictures I took during the challenge:

This plant is ready for harvest.... so I harvest it and the take another picture straight away - this indicates how quickly the next harvest will occur, and as you can see it is 5hrs and 8 mins. If you weren't sure if the power of likes are really that important - there is your answer. They are VERY important!

And lastly, this seed is one of those that just keeps giving. As you can see in the info box, each harvest will give you the chance of 1-seed, with another guaranteed at Elder. With my garden I found that each standard harvest gave me approximately a third again in seeds. So with 6 plants, I started off getting 2 back each harvest. The more you harvest the more seeds you get.

Trust me, you will end up with far more seeds than you know what to do with. Take a look at my bank for instance. I have 49 pages of seeds, of which 45 of them are Key Limes - that's over 300 seeds. And I have not been storing them all either.... Oh and I still have one garden left at Elder because I didn't need to harvest it to win the challenge. As you can see, my Bank is literally overflowing. A maximum of 100 items is holding 439!!

So what to do with all these seeds? Again, the Key Limes are a plant that just keeps giving. The best thing to do is feed them to your Pet. Just make sure it is a pet you are leveling up. Feeding your Pet will either give you 120 Gold or 2 Pet XP.

And don't forget to sell all those low level Pet snacks you get from the harvests. They may be low level, but enough of them will boost your gold considerably (see my post on that here).

Well that's it from me on this subject. Hope you have found this useful!

Until Next Time,


  1. What a darling little blog, and you have such helpful information! I was wondering if perhaps you might tell me what I am doing wrong with my stacked gardens. I created 3-tier stacked gardens (large plots) and in every case, a large spell (such as magic for a large area) never affects the top level! I had to use pixie on those plants because no pest spells would touch them and eventually ripped out my stacked gardens in frustration. Any advice? Thanks!

  2. Hey Trish. When I created my first stacked garden I had exactly the same problem. I wasted copious amounts of energy trying to get my spells to work on that top layer, and had to call on Morgrim for help. He came over to check out the garden and immediately saw the problem. Turns out he had the same problem when he did his first stacked garden too!

    The casting platform.... I think that either you are not using one, or maybe you have placed it slightly wrong. Take another look at the Gardening eBook - Extreme Gardening. Part 2.2.4 on Maintaining your Garden points out just how important that casting platform is.

    If that is not the problem then I wonder how many plots you built?

    Let us know how you go. If you're still stuck we might arrange a time we can both get on together and I could check it out.


    1. Tabitha I would LOVE to get together and hang out! All I used for making my stacked gardens was crates. I heard about a low wooden table but the only one I could find was very small and didn't at all appear to be the right one. I tried some ugly rug too, but it didn't fit that many crates on it.

      I've tried to open both of your PDFs and I get this message that says "Adobe Reader could not open 'eBook - Mastering Gardening in the Spiral.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)."

  3. Hi Trish. Sorry it has taken a while for me to get back to you! I was wondering how I could easily give you the info, so I have emailed the section on creating the stacked garden to you. It tells you what items you need from the bazaar, and how to create and use the casting platform.
    Have a go and let me know how you get on :)