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Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Power of the Pixie

I just thought I pop up a quick post today on a topic that some people might not be quite sure of - The Power of the Pixie when gardening.

This little lady (she looks like a lady!) is considered a pest, but is an asset to any garden.  

For example:
  • Almost every seed has the Pixie as a like, so when your Pixie appears, your plants grow quicker
  • She will keep away all other pests while she is flying around your plant
  • She can scare away other pests that are already invading your plants

So, how do you get your Pixie?
  • There are some plants that attract Pixies, but these are typically higher level plans, such as this Fiery Boom Shroom, Angel Oaks and Couch Potatoes to name a few
  • The lowest level plant that can attract a Pixie that you can get from one of the Gardeners is the Pink Laugh-O-Dil, Orange Danelion or Venus Fly Trap from Marley in Moo-Shu
  • Or...!  You can visit Charley in Krokotopia and learn the spell Pixie, however, you do have to be a minimum of Level 10 and it will cost 175,000 gold!  Still, if you can afford it, this can be a very handy spell.  Let me show you how.

This spell can be quite handy while you are waiting for your plant to get its fairy.  In the attached, you can see how she chases away some Explosive Gnats, and then hangs around to help the rest of the garden grow!

As you can see, that little Pixie is actually quite a powerful part of your Gardening strategy.

Good luck with your gardens and...

...see you 'round the Spiral!



  1. Hey Morgrim! That was really useful - I have only just bought that spell, and I had no idea that it cleared pests for 48 hours! Not so good to see you are progressing well into level 18 there though.... hmmmm.

  2. Hey there Tab. I'm glad you find it useful. I have also used the little Pixie to rid my garden of that nasty Garden Imp too. It is great. It not only kills the pest, then keeps them away, but it also helps your plants. It is a great spell.

    Yeah, sorry about the leveling, but you did issue the challenge :D