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Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To Choose Your 'Perfect Pet'

A 'perfect pet' is a pet that manifests all the talents that you want and that has good stats (usually I go for 240+ to make sure I get the highest possible percentage for the talent revealed).

To make your 'perfect pet', ask yourself 2 questions... What talents do I want and how can I get them? & How high do I want my stats to be?

Some talents that I would suggest trying to get would be:

 Spell Proof & Spell Defying. These talents both give Universal resistance which is really useful for taking big hits. With a total of up to 15% Universal Resist together, it's a pretty good thing to have!
 Fairy Friend/Unicorn/Spritely/EB. Fairy Friend is the obvious first choice out of these healing talents, as it provides you pet with a chance to cast Fairy. The others aren't as good but aren't far behind. I would get Unicorn if you're a team player but otherwise, EB (Energizing Battery) and Sprite are useful too. Energizing Battery (may cast Healing Current) is also useful for a 1000 health heal a third of the time so choose wisely.

The Dealers & Givers. The Dealers are school specific damage talents that solely boost one schools base attack damage by up to 9%. The tricky bit is getting the right talents but once you've got it, 9% extra damage is really helpful! The Givers are very similar but only give a maximum of 6% damage to specific schools, however! Pain Giver is just like a normal giver talent except instead of giving 6% damage to one school, it gives 6% to EVERY school.

That pretty much sums up the talents I would usually go for but there are others that some people may choose. For example. I might be working on a Death Damage pet (which I kind of am now), I want maximum damage from my pet. I would choose Death Dealer, Pain Giver, Death Giver and maybe something like Spell Proof or Fairy since there are only 3 damage talents.

Keep experimenting and researching and see what you find.


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