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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Alia's Sightseeing through the Spiral - I

I is for Insane and Impossible

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while.....I seem to have had a bit of a break from the spiral, and was brought back by an annoying problem.

I had been logging onto Grub Gardian and was just having fun completing all the different paths when I got stuck at one particular path ranked as "insane"......... so after continually being beaten by the game I decided it was time to pass this insane course.  I went through the process of trying all different types of towers but could only get to wave 4, before being beaten.

Ok.....time to train a new pet.  The storm pet wasn't hitting anything quickly enough and the only other fully developed pet I had was death.  Again not useful in this course, so for the first time I had to train a pet to use on Grub.

The course is Water Works, and this had been my best attempt yet.  Wave 1.  I ran out of good pet snacks so could only get my pet to ancient.  I decided that if I could get to wave 1, then maybe changing the strategy slightly might be enough to win.....

And guess what.......after a week or so of "on again, off again" trying I finally completed Waterworks on Grub Gardian.

Here is the screen shot of the time I got close.  Not quite the strategy I used to win..... Will post the winning strategy soon.  Until then, if you want an Insane challenge then this one will give you that.
There are probably tips and hints out there, but this one I wanted to accomplish on my own.

Enjoy :)

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