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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 6 Tomb of Storms

Hey everyone! Today is the day we take on the Tomb of Storms in our expedition to conquer grub guardian :)

We are slowly making progress and are beginning to reach the ending levels of Krokotopia. Once we do manage to get into the higher levels, we will be getting better and better rewards.

Anyway, onto the strategy. This episode wouldn't have been possible without the ice towers, the were and invaluable help and allowed the myth/star towers to put out big damage and allowed the fire towers to keep everything burning longer. The fire towers were used to get damage onto the big enemies and and to take out the masses of smaller enemies. Finally, the star tower was used to take out a majority of the big enemies on the final wave.

Combining them all together the Tomb of Storms was beaten.

Thanks so much for reading and hopefully I helped you out!

Until next time!
- Blaze

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