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Monday, 13 July 2015

Guide to Grub Guardin Ep. 5 The Oasis

Hey everyone! Today I'm bringing you the 5th episode of my Guide to Grub Guardian series. In this episode, we've moved on from Wizard City and are entering Krokotopia. The first Krokotopian map that we are going to be covering is the Oasis.

The main strategy in this episode was once again focused around myth and ice tower which are both incredibly useful for many stages. However, this time around, there was no optimal position for my 4x4 pet to be placed so I decided on putting him in the most high traffic area which was the right hand side.

I also decided on spreading the ice towers out to get the maximum slow time on the enemies. The myth towers were slightly spread and had overlapping ranges to give as much map coverage as possible.

Hopefully you enjoyed and I helped you out on your Grub Guardian journey.

- Blaze

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