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Monday, 3 August 2015

Rattlebones Rank 7! Master Dungeon!

So I entered the commons today and found a young wizard asking around for help. No one else wanted to and I wasn't particularly busy so I decided to give him a hand.

I followed Cody back to his house and it turns out that he wanted help with his Rattlebones dungeon. So this was what he needed help with! After recently finishing the exalted version with Alia and Mogrim, I thought it would be good fun to revisit at a lower level.

Everything was going smoothly until a few minutes into the fight, he died. He only has Menu Chat so I was afraid about what to do. Thankfully however, Cody knows his stuff and fled the duel only to reappear a little later healthy and ready to fight.

I powered up as much as I could manage without storm dispels (Fairy Queen is annoying) and struck out with a fairly big deer knight that took out the fairy's and left Rattlebones unhealthy.

After a powered up Avenging Fossil took out Rattlebones, it was time to see what I got from the chest!

Sadly, the loot this time was mostly just housing items and snacks, however, for some reason I have a thing with wands and got a wand with.. Resistance! This is the first I've seen of something like this and it's an interesting concept! I won't be using it on my wizard personally but it's cool to have!

 Thank you everyone very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!
- Blaze

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