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Monday, 10 August 2015

Join a Team Kiosk! Wizard City & Krokotopia

Hello again everyone! Today I decided to jump into the spiral and help out some lower level wizards with their questing and dungeon fights. I figured I'd try and help someone in all of the worlds of the spiral using the Join a Team Kiosk!

The Wizard City dungeon I joined was Skull Fort. There was a full team of lower level wizards and there were all eager to fight. I bladed up for a round and saw a distressed 'No!' 'Don't use that spell!'. I wondered what was wrong with blading up or if he was even talking to me, nevertheless, I used deer knight the next round and finished the fight.

The Krokotopian dungeon I joined was the Scavenged Tomb. This time there was only myself and another death wizard. This time I bladed and hit but was able to ask if that was wanted. It was and I'm guessing the wizard was struggling with the dungeon, considering it was two death enemies.

Thanks for reading this fairly different post and I'll see you in the next one where we help out in two more wizard worlds!

Until next time!
- Blaze

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