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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Rattlebones - The Exalted Dungeon...The 1st Time.

If you remember from my last post, you will have seen that I have 3 Rattlebones dungeons.  This gives us time to learn from our mistakes and to optimise these fights.  We don't tend to look for help when completing them, preferring to work things out for ourselves.  That said, it also means we can describe what happened for those of you who like to understand how these fights unfold.

BTW - This is not meant to be a "how-to" guide...more a "how-not-to" one!

We knew Rattlebones would hit with a big Mana Burn, and that a Feint would be turned on its owner.  We knew the Fairy Queen was in there and we would need a bunch of Ether Shields in order to survive (simplistic but essential advice).  Other than that, we didn't know a lot.

We decked ourselves out in (what we thought was) the appropriate gear.  I pulled on plenty of damage and critical bonus, with a good mix of universal defence.  While it wasn't the strongest gear I had, I wasn't sure what to expect, so the general resist to all seemed like a fair position to take. we wrong.

You have to remember, we haven't been around the Spiral quite as much lately, and we hadn't fought like a team in a while.  Let's just say...we were rusty!

The fight opened well with Blaze hitting early and me following suit to take out the minions.  Let's just say it was less successful than we had hoped and it wasn't long before Alia's healing was desperately needed!

Still, as fast as could get pips, the cheats kept us at bay, and before too long we were fleeing and returning and quickly as we could.  If you follow our blog, you'll know we *hate* fleeing, preferring to heal and keep the team together.

It didn't take long to realise the folly of that decision!

You can see in the bottom image the results of one of Rattlebones' new spells, putting a very effective (and impressive-looking) shield in place, and that Fairy Queen truly has bad taste if she reckons I'm not as charming and Rattlebones!  Still, jokes aside, stealing any charm that put up in the air get very frustrating when your enemy has 30,000 health and healing friends.

Then the new spells started making an appearance, as well as some extremely hard hitting natural attacks.  Don't be surprised if your whole team is taken out by one of these AoE spells.  They are vicious.

A couple of hours in, we had Rattlebones down to 15,000 health, and Blaze's friend Alia Night was wondering past.  She gave him a great tip (well, this isn't the actual tip, but made it made us think) - the Doom and Gloom can be stopped!


If you want to beat this dungeon, it is equally important for you to use  Dispel spells as well as Ether Shields.  (hint: Balance and Storm).

Unfortunately or fortunately, we didn't ever get a chance to stop the Doom as we killed the old Rattler first.  It was interesting at this point.  The Fairy Queen kept up her spells and that of Rattlebones for a while, but after casting a Steal Charm, she stopping stealing my charms.

Once we realised that, it was a rollercoaster from there, with a BIG stop at the end - for the Fairy Queen.  Some people say "overkill", but I just say "kill" - the bigger the better.

So a 61.5K hit later, and the Fairy Queen, her minions and good old Rattlebones were once again sent packing.

Time to check out that chest!

Blaze did well with a Master's Socket Wrench, and I got another Ultra seed, so I was happy.  Alia got some boots, but the really didn't cut it, so she will need to wait until next time to get a good drop.

Well, now that we are done, there are 2 more Rattlebones dungeons that I have left to try.  Now that we know more about it we'll see how quickly we can get through next time.

So good luck when you meet Rattlebones yourself and...

See you 'round the Spiral!


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