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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What a Stunner!

I leveled up to 58 the other day, and with that came the promise of a new spell!! Of course spells at these levels spells need to be earnt, but they always take you to your school first. So off I go to Nightside to see Dworgyn.

I had no idea what spell would be coming my way, and that brings with it a certain anticipation.

The quest is revealed - I need to make a bone drake. Mortis tells me all about the bone drake, and what I have to do to make one.

Back to Dragonspyre I go to find the Nightreaver's Lair. Of course Osseus Nightreaver wouldn't just give those bones away - let the battle begin! And then I notice that he is a level 10 death boss. Not just any level 10 death boss - this was going to be one hell of a battle - he had 33,310 health!! The minion in the fight only had 1,055, but once again was death. I took care of him, and settled into the biggest battle my wizard had ever fought.

I pulled out the Living Puppet, with 45 health, that I get from my wand to lend a  hand. Surprisingly he managed to last the whole battle, as you can see in this shot just before the battle finished.

One other issue with this battle, is that the boss gave me a +35 trap every time I played a feint, a trap or a blade. Made a tricky fight all the more trickier!
There's no calling a friend in to help on this one either. You have to prove your worth to get this spell it would seem.
Thanks to the Living Puppet and my hound I finished the battle with pretty much full health - it's great being a death wizard!

Time to go to Grizzleheim now. This is a great part of Grizzleheim actually, I do love the ice parts.
Once in Nidavellir I take out the bones and let the magic of the place re-build the bone drake.

 How awesome! I have never seen the spell I am about to get, so looking at what has now appeared in front of I am more than a little excited.

Time for another visit to Dworgyn to let him know of my success and to collect my reward.

The Skeletal Dragon spell, otherwise know as the Bone Drake.

And it is a stunner!

Awesome to watch and a big hit that just keeps going. Looking forward to the next boss fight now!

Until Next Time,

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