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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hammer Time!

Hey everyone,

Last night I was doing a bit of questing, one of those that have been sitting there for a while.... one that takes you back to all the worlds I have opened so far. Moo Shoo and Dragonspyre were on the cards last night. While I was in one of the battles, one of my Wizard friends started text chatting - specifically about my new wand. Obviously he had been doing a bit of Wizard stalking and had noticed that my wand really wasn't a wand at all but was a hammer.

He wanted to know how I got it..... it was a crafted item. I have been busy crafting. Having access to Vestrilund has meant two things. The first is that I have access to the Spiral's Bank (Halfang) and the second is access to new recipes for gear. And these are really useful.
So why did I choose this particular 'wand'. Well the reasons here are twofold too. Firstly I was interested in the cards it gave me. The school specific strikes are really handy, especially when you have a weakness on you, or you need to clear a shield, but I liked the idea of being able to heal others, and this hammer hit the mark, so to speak. The second reason was that, thanks to my gardening, I had everything I needed except the treasure cards, so it would be an easy craft.
I'll admit that the treasure cards were a bit of a bind in the end. It took several days at the Bazaar refreshing the life TCs to get just four of them. But persistence paid off, as it often does in the Bazaar. Off I pop to my Red Barn Farm as that is where I keep my crafting tables, but when I go to craft the recipe is not showing up. Then I remember a previous post by Morgrim.... I checked the recipe card again and found that the Grizzleheim crafting anvil was required.

I love it when a recipe takes me over to this Anvil. It really is quite stunning. So job done and I now have a shiny new hammer. I have been using it in the bigger battles when I am not on my own, and it is proving to be very useful. The rest of my crafted gear has been stitched from gear at the Bazaar. My choice in what the gear looks like has changed considerably since I started! In those days I favoured black and red mostly - very different to now lol!

Until next time,

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