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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Getting Closer......

Update on the snow globe quest. My castle is gradually filling with snow, and I have started placing them outside too. I have 7 at this castle now. I think I'll move them all outside eventually - see if I have enough to make the whole outside area snow. We'll see!

With it being a brand new year I was also hoping that more would be available today. 

And it seems I was right. Take a look at how many I have scored this morning!! Another 7 and I am running low on gold yet again. Looking like I might well complete this quest. I've decided I am going to keep the Christmas going at my snow palace too.                                                                               I've got Spring happening at my new place. Pleased with how the kitchen is looking although the crafting has been a bit slow. More on that soon.                                                                                         
Back to the snow globes and I need 6 more - fingers crossed that I make it to 20!!

Until next time,


  1. The snow in the little picture looks great, so it must look amazing in game. Such a good idea about also putting some outside. So lucky to get all the snow globes. I've only spotted one in the Bazaar and I was too slow :(

  2. Hey Scarlet. Today was a good day for me, because I got another 4 at the Bazaar, I also got another 1 a couple of days ago. So I need 1 more..... worth trying when you pop over to the Bazaar - you never know :)