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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Monstrous? That's so Yesterday!

One of the BIG reasons that I wanted to get my new crafting badge was to upgrade my trusty Monstrous card to Gargantuan. I have mentioned before how handy these enchantment spells are. I have been buying these at the Bazaar and they have been costing me minimum 338 gold each time. Gold I could use elsewhere, and less time hanging out at the Bazaar refreshing the Astral Spells page = WIN WIN !

So last night I popped over to Celestia (using my marked location, as I still haven't got the world) and bought the recipe. It cost 500 gold.

You can see that I already have enough reagents to craft 16 of these without any further outlay. Again, I have my gardening to thank for that!

I'm sure Monstrous will still get a look in, depending on the reagents I have available down the line, that 175 extra damage is still worthwhile. But right now.... that is so yesterday..... must go. Crafting to do.

Until Next Time,

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