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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Alia'a Sightseeing through the Spiral - F

F is for Furniture

It must have been a while since I have bought furniture at the crowns shop and so I was delighted to see the new furniture packs there.  I bought all the Zafarian furniture sets 1, 2 and 3 and they have become my new favourite furniture in the game.

At 22500 gold a set, I think they are great value and I think it is great that you don't need crowns for them.

I have been redecorating my life house which is still a work in progress but have included a few pics for you.  My favourite is the elephant bath with the rubber duck wearing a mask.

At the moment the bath, sink, bed and dining table are all in the same room downstairs.  This was just because I didn't have time to rearrange all my rooms, and I just wanted to see what it all looked like.

The lounge/entry room upstairs currently has the tree couch, fireplace, bookcase, rug and table.  One of my little sea dragons wanted front and centre for the photo :)

I'm not sure how long the packs have been in the crown shop for, but when I was telling my new friend Emily about my find, she said that she already had it in her house.  Here is Emily Roseblossom standing next to the enormous Zafarian Bath Sink which is just so impressive with it's size.  Thanks again Emily for letting me visit your lovely home.

 I went on to buy the Celestial Furniture packs as well and ran out of money after sets 1 and 2.  Thanks to Morgrim for helping farm halfang with me so I could afford set 3.  Not my favourite furniture but the dining table is amazing.

Until next time

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