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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Don't be Fooled

Hey everyone,

You know the first couple of times I hatched with Morgrim we hung around after for a chat, while waiting to view the stats on the pet. If you read Morgrim's earlier post of Pet Training when he notes you can quickly see what pet you got, prior to hatching (pet-training-simple-trick) I would already know what pet I got.

In fact in all cases of hatching with a few of Morgrim's pets, I got the same back - an Ianthine Hound.... and that was cool by me. As I have said before, I prefer a pet at my feet! When your pet has hatched the pet symbol will appear on the left of your screen. When you hover over that little pig, you will see the stats for your pet.
But - the story does not end there. The stats shown are the BASE stats for the pet you have.

The stats you actually get will depend on the parents and can only be viewed when you go into your backpack and view the Pet itself. I remember being really disheartened when I thought my stats had actually gone down, because I was looking at the base stats. So don't be fooled by that.

Another thing worth noting is the amount of items in your backpack.If you hatch when your backpack is full... your pet will go straight to your bank. So when you go to your backpack to find your latest pet - you simply will not be able to. It will be in your bank instead.

Last thing.... your pet name. Let's face it the random name generator used in Wizard101 can provide some pretty weird names! I tend to train a pet to Adult to see if the pet is worth keeping. Once I am happy to continue the training process, I need to rename to something, well, just a little more fitting. You won't always have to - the pet I am training at the moment is called Patch. That was his given name - and he is the first 'keeper' pet I have not renamed. If you don't know how to rename you pet, just go on over to the shopping district and look for the dye shop. This is where you can dye your gear, but also where you can rename your pet. It costs 100 gold to do this. I have created Murphy, Lexie and Winston here!

Until next time,

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