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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Get the card you want - but don't run out!!

This is just a simple, quick post to answer a few questions we have had here at the Keep - "where is / what is Reshuffle?"  ...and "why can I never seem to draw the card I want?"

Well, let's approach these two questions, but in reverse...and I hope you'll see why.

While we cannot tell you exactly how to draw the cards you want, there are definitely ways to make it easier!  It is interesting, but as you increase in level, you get access to more and more spells - those that you learn and those that you train in (or buy with Training points).  The decks that you get have more and more Spell Card slots and there is a strong temptation to fill them all.

Now that is a near certain way to not draw the card you want!

Have a look at this:

This is my 'street fighting' deck.  I know I could trim it further, but as it stands it will serve me well for any regular street fight right up to mid-way through Azteca.  In fact, with damage bonus and enchants (and the right pet), this deck can usually be fine in a boss fight up to Zafaria - but it is a far cry from having a full deck of spells!  In this way, it is more likely that I will get the spells I want, but the story doesn't end there.

As you can see, in a simple Triton Avenue street fight, I didn't draw my main go-to spell, Meteor, for two rounds!  That is where 'Discard' is essential.

Next time you are confronted with a handful of rubbish (relatively speaking!), then a simple right-click on the card you don't want will discard the card as if you have used it.  Now you have multiple gaps in your hand and the next round will present you with lots of new cards.  This will let you shuffle through your cards much more quickly, increasing the likelihood of drawing the card you want.

Which brings us to the next logical question - what happens when I run out of cards?  Well, you lose the fight!  Not a very good outcome at all...

That is where Reshuffle comes in.

Reshuffle is the one card I cannot do without, in any deck, and I usually have more than one (you'll notice that I have two in the mini-deck above).  It is a Balance spell with one simple goal - get me my cards back!!  I first mentioned it back in October and promised a follow up has taken a while :)

Reshuffle has a bit of a history.  Originally, you only needed on Reshuffle in your deck because it too came back when you reshuffled your deck.  This basically meant that, unless you Discarded your Reshuffle, you would have an unlimited deck.  It was important that KingsIsle put a stop to this practice.

Now, each Reshuffle card can only be used once per fight.  It will still Reshuffle your used cards and unused Treasure Cards back into your deck, but it will not replace itself.  For my street-fighting deck, I'll carry two. For PvP - I'll carry as many as I need :)

So, where can you get this wonderful card?

If you have been to Colossus Boulevard, there is a fair chance you have passed it right by.

Next time you go down and visit Mindy, look to your left and down the side street there.  Right at the end, there is a shop!  From the smoke coming from the top, you can guess that someone is home.

Say hello to Mildred Farseer.  This is the lady that will sell you Reshuffle for the very reasonable price of 1 Training point.  And it is well worth it.

Once you have your brand new card, make sure you carry one in your deck.  You won't regret it.

Have fun and...

...see you 'round the Spiral!


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