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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Alia's Sightseeing through the Spiral - H

H - is for Hatchery

Basics for Hatching - 

The Hatchery is the only place you can go to hatch two adult pets together to get a new pet.  You can either hatch with another wizard or hatch using two of your own pets.

The Hatchery is located in the Pet Pavilion. This area is where you can buy and sell pets, and train your pet to get them to be an adult.

You begin by getting a pet (egg) from either a drop, a quest or buying one.  After this pet has hatched you will be able to start to train it.

You train your pet by playing games.  I have tried all of the games but have found my favourites are the maze game and the dance game.  The maze game is a bit like pac-man where you just eat the treats around a maze.  If you get more than 70 snacks then you score a perfect round.  You have 60 seconds but can add to this time by eating the clocks.  The ghosts will try to freeze you if you are just in front of them, although you can also get speed bonus and anther bonus where you can eat the ghosts for a limited time.

Scoring a perfect round gives you 4 points for the game.  Then you are able to feed your pet a snack.  This is where having mega snacks can be handy.  The snacks are worth 1 to 50 points so always try to feed your pet the biggest snack so you make your way to the next level quicker.

You need 125 points to advance your pet to teen, then a further 250 points to train your pet to adult.  Now that you have an adult pet you are able to hatch with other people.  You do this to either get a new type of pet, or to increase your stats and talents.

This is a picture from inside the hatchery. Once inside, you can hatch by selecting the wizard you wish to hatch with and selecting hatch from the menu or you can stand on the blue lit up area, with them next to you.  The orange lit up sigils are for standing on if you wish to hatch two of your own pets.

There are many different types of pets and talents available so have fun.  If there are no wizards you wish to hatch with, or the Hatchery you are in is a little quiet, just keep changing realms until you find the pet you wish to hatch with.

There are other posts on our blog about pets, training and talents when you have mastered the basics.

Enjoy :)

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