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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Mega! Mega! Mega!

I haven't updated you on my gardening prowess recently, as I have been waiting for my stacked garden to go to elder. Of course not all plants go to elder at the same time, so I have had to be patient and wait a couple of days. But hurrah! Today is that day.

As there is so much going on in the garden, I decided to record it and talk about some of the plants, the harvest and the garden in general. Sorry if there are lots of 'ums' in the chatter, it's my first time!

So I managed 26 Mega Pet Snacks from that harvest. Enough to fulfill my pet training needs right now. I planted the garden back as soon as this completed. Oh and I popped a Dragon Fly spell on it too. That will prevent level 1,2, 3 pests for 48 hours - which means I will have enough energy to do that pet training too.

This is how the garden looks again now:

Off to do some pet training now!

Until Next Time,


  1. Loved your movie Tabitha. That was a great harvest with heaps of Mega Pet Snacks. Good luck with the pet training :)

  2. Really cool video. Noticed that you seemed to get a lot of amber along with all your mega snacks. Very nice indeed.

    Morgrim's guide is indeed a really good resource. My Balance's garden is still a bit of a mess but I'm slowly building up the couch potato stock and hopefully will get a more efficient garden in due course. Still a bit nervous about the stacking though your video makes it look a breeze. :)

  3. Thanks Alia. It is certainly nice to have an abundance of Mega Pet Snacks!

  4. Hey Scarlet. Well spotted - I am getting a really good supply of Amber, amongst the other rarer reagents, and the all important Mega Pet Snacks. Give the stacked garden a go. The first time does take a bit of working through, and it does take a while - but well worth it once done.

  5. It,s Great to have an abundance of Mega Pet Snacks! Thanks