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Saturday, 4 January 2014

I have to wait how long?

As you all know I have bought the Imperial Palace, and I am busy crafting and purchasing at the Bazaar. I have set a personal quest that all rooms must have at least one crafted item in them and so far all rooms have except the main sitting area.
One of the rooms is a library. Thanks to Emily for suggesting this, as I was a little stuck for ideas.
I picked up the recipe for the "Untidy BookShelf" in Grizzleheim, which is also where I picked up the kitchen crafting recipes. As you can see I did not have enough Red Mandrake, but on an earlier visit to Celestia (thanks to Morgrim for the lift over there!) I had already bought all the Transmute cards. Which meant I had the recipe for Transmute Mandrake. If you are not sure what the Transmute cards are then head on over to to find out more about them. They are very useful if you have access to Celestia (or can grab a lift!) and are a high enough level crafter.

The  recipe called for 10 Mist Wood and 10 Deep Mushrooms, which I always keep in stock, so it wasn't long before I had enough to complete the craft process for the Bookshelf.
By the way, the reason I chose this instead of the empty shelving was because it had books on it and you can place items on the top of it. I have crafted 2 untidy Bookshelves and 1 carved bookshelf in this room.
The rest of the items I have got from the Bazaar. I keep adding books to the shelves where I can, so it is looking more full now.
Oh and if you look at the next photo closely, you can see the titles of some of those books on the crafted untidy shelf. Great attention to detail!

But back to the reason I titled this post as I did. Time. The amount of time you need to wait to craft a few items. When I started crafting my kitchen, I wanted to do it all immediately. I popped over to the Bazaar and bought a massive amount of obscure items as called for in the recipes. All of it was easily sourced, except for Scrap Iron. I was silly enough to use my stored Scrap Iron to Transmute Sheel, which I needed for Monstrous Cards. So there is a tip. Before Transmuting anything, check what you need for other recipes. Same goes for selling at the Bazaar, or Trading Treasure Cards. The amount of times I have off-loaded treasure cards that I actually needed for a recipe. Very frustrating! Unless you know a certain Wizard who has 387 Scrap Iron that he is willing to sell at the Bazaar for you to buy (and thanks again for that!) lol!

Sorry I am going off-tangent again! Time. Perhaps KingsIsle are attempting to teach us to be patient, who knows! BUT - you can only craft 3 things before the slot over heats. Then you have to wait for it to cool down. I see this all the time when I am crafting the Monstrous cards. I have to wait 2 minutes 30 seconds and then I can craft another 3. It's no big deal.
However the larger items are obviously harder to craft and the poor crafting slot over heats again, but now it will take 12 hours for it to cool down!! 12 hours!!

So if you are relatively new to crafting, as I am, now you know. Learn to wait or buy the elixir in the Crown Shop, but I'm not sure 250 Crowns is worth skipping the wait. Be patient!!!

Well I reckon those slots have cooled, and I am ready to craft again. Would love to hear of some of your crafted projects!

Until Next Time,


  1. Cool library. I like the look of the bookcase and the bed that you crafted and blogged about previously. I'm enjoying your crafting posts. Think you may have inspired me to do some crafting of my own. Thank you.

  2. That's awesome to hear Scarlet! It's great to craft something a bit more unique than the standard Bazaar items. Would love to hear about what you decide to craft first!

  3. Hi Tabitha, I crafted the mannequin first. The one available in Marleybone. That seemed to take forever to get all the reagents, lol. Then I crafted a sandwich station and that lovely bookcase that you showed in your post.

    I'm currently saving up my reagents to try to craft Savage Paw and an Eagle shield thing for the crafting quest but it looks like the treasure cards needed for both are going to be drops, which may take a while. So, following Morgrim's gardening advice, I think I should possibly craft the Star Chalice next.

    Thanks again for all your interesting posts. I may not comment every time but I do read and enjoy all the posts on here.