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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Music in the Spiral

I have been in and around the Wizard101 Spiral for a couple of years now, and, as all good things, there are times where you just get a little flat.  I hit that flatness once I had completed Zafaria.  It was good, but it was just that I was quested out.

I moved into crafting and helping people for a new months, and then I found myself in Azteca, Cloudburst Forest to be exact.  Then it struck me.  The music of the place, the feel of it.  It was mesmerising.  I felt back under the spell of the game and found myself invigorated.  I have always loved music, but Wizard101 and Kings Isle had done it again.  I have often found myself humming the Wizard City music, but hadn't quite connected with some of the other worlds in the same way.  But this...I knew the magic was back!

It was then that even my crafting took on a new dimension.  I could never really understand those music scrolls, or why people would want to adjust the music in their homes, but now, I was on a mission.  I needed that music.

I grabbed a player from the Shopping District and then started looking for the music itself.  It actually took quite a lot longer than I expected to find the right music, but once I found it, I was in the Bazaar daily hoping to get just that one scroll.  My patience paid off and I was rewarded with not one, but two of these amazing scrolls - and I knew just where to put it.

I set up one so it would be blaring out over the river and grassy fields.  I wanted the player to be discreet and just let people experience the beauty of the music as they traversed my home.

I was then to find out that the music was limited to either Inside or Outside.  Lucky I had secured two of those scrolls!  So, the second was set to set off the throne room.  This then filled the inner rooms of this home from Grizzleheim.

It was perfect.

As ever, the game didn't let me down.  I had discovered another depth to the game to become immersed in and I began questing anew.

Why not let me know what you think of the Wizard101 music?  Does it have the same affect on you?

(and have you ever found yourself humming the Wizard City music?  C'mon, really?)

See you round the Spiral!



  1. I have always loved playing Wizard101 for about 4 years so far, it never got old. I dont have membership but i buy crowns.And i usually get in the" im out of crowns and cant do any quests till i get more" ya know.So ive am a grandmaster gardener, and then i started doing more arena battles.Then suddenly i fell in love with he celestia battle theme! I loved it so much and it made me so happy, so i found a way i could listen to it all the time.It took my a few days and i found out about the muzic player one day after school, then i read about music scrolls.I thought you bought the player in the crowns shop so i saved up 5000 coins and bought something that looked like a music player.I got SO mad when i got the wrong thing.So i hopped onto the internet and found out about the real deal in shopping district. I had finally bought it so first thing i did , i went to the baazar and bought all celestia themes and a bunch of other songs.I felt so overjoyed, i finally found my music.So there you have it Morgrim, hope we can meet online soon.My name is Tabitha Deathfinder,i scout out in the Centaur Realm in Fire cat alley most of the time. Hope we can be friends!

  2. Hi Tabitha :) I'm glad someone else loves the music as much as I do! I reckon I Googled for ages trying to get the right one, and in the end, Google didn't help...I did something similar to you and started buying all of the Azteca scrolls that appeared in the Bazaar. Once I finally found the right one, that was when my lurking became an obsession and I finally found that two appeared in the Bazaar as I described above, that way I could get the same music right throughout my house. Tabitha in Centaur? :) I have to go away this w'end (no computer!!), but perhaps I'll bump into you sometime...

    See ya 'round the Spiral!