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Sunday, 12 January 2014

What Spell is THAT???!???

The other day, I found myself browsing a part of Wizard101Central that I check out every now and then - the "School Spells" section.  You can find it here: Then I check out the Fire spells, and just see if there are any I might have missed in my journeys...

One of the spells that stood out to me was called Inferno Kraken.  This is a treasure card that you see from time to time and I had always dismissed it as simply turning a Storm spell into a Fire spell...but I should have known better!

I have often used the spell Mutate Thunderbird to turn my Phoenix into a Thunderbird, and I gotta say, it looks great and leaves a little gift that you don't get from a Phoenix ... three +30 traps!  Just like a Fuel but for any school.  I mean this spell really is quite spectacular!

I should have realised that the Inferno Kraken was not like a normal Kraken!

Well, this little baby is considerably more useful.  For 4 pips, the Inferno Kraken will do 695 damage!  In fact, it will actually do 245 + 400 over 3 rounds.  Pretty good shield stripping and payback for the 4 pip investment!

Then I realised the catch.

I cannot apply it to anything but the actual spell!  Oh no!  That meant a huge Training Point investment, because I needed to train in all the Storm spells leading up to it.

In the end, and disappointed, I realised I wouldn't realise the dream of owning this spell.  I simply couldn't go through with it.

Still, it was an interesting exercise and I know I'll continue go through that page about once a month, just in case a great new spell appears - one that I can hopefully use!

See you 'round the Spiral!


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