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Monday, 13 January 2014

And that makes 20 or is that 21??

On the 26th December I set myself a personal quest to get 20 snow globes - you can read about it here. So I have been hanging out at the Bazaar. A lot. For days there would be nothing, then one day there would be 3 of them sitting there. I managed to get 15 relatively easily...... I felt sure that once the New Year arrived there would be a bounty of snow globes in the Bazaar.

So I was dismayed to find them even harder to get hold as (if you are from this side of the planet it would be described as "Rare as hen's teeth"). Today that elusive little globe at last showed up in the list. I held my breath as I pressed the Buy and then confirmed - I was dreading seeing the "Sorry this item has been sold". But lady luck was with me, and I got it. The 20th snow globe.

I took a short video of me placing my last globe - an historic moment :)

With a break for maintenance, the next time logged back I was again at the Bazaar. Habit got the better of me so I checked, and there was another snow globe. With lightening fast reflexes, that globe was mine.

So I went back to my house to see what would happen.... I can't place any more outside, so number 21 will just have to go inside!

And here it is. In my everlasting Christmas room, keeping the snowmen happy - a bit like the little snowman in the Disney movie Frozen!!

My Winter House will now have lots of snow all year round. No global warming problems here!

Now I wonder if I will be able to resist the urge to buy them when I see them at the Bazaar next time.... Time will tell!!

Until Next Time,


  1. Congratulations on all the snow globes. It looks so pretty. Loving the picture of inside the house, with the festive trees and the snow flakes falling against the dark background.

    Well, it has taken me since you first posted about snow globes to actually get any. I have finally have two and am really pleased. I passed them along to my Ice Wizard. She has one on the opposite side of her front door - the opposite side from the Snow Apples she is growing in tubs. The other is by a Sword Tree, near some snow. I have completely forgotten the name of the house she has. It was bought in the Crown shop for gold and has a Wintertusk sort of feel to it.

    Thanks again for the inspiration but gosh those snow globes are hard to find!

  2. Hey Scarlet! Well done on getting two even. I haven't seen any since I completed my quest, so I am glad I started it when I did! Your Ice Wizard house sounds lovely.