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Monday, 20 January 2014

Ran Out of Patience

For a while now I have been wanting to get to the new crafting level - Grandmaster Artisan. I knew I would get it at Celestia, but I have been waiting for time and friends to help me battle Malistaire.... and it just taken ages..... and... well..... you know how it is. I have filled my time to do others things, but now I have to face 3 big dungeons or fights to move on. There are a couple of quests in Wintertusk to do, so I could keep moving through there, but to be honest - I want to craft. So I need that badge.

So last night I gave up on patience and asked Morgrim for a lift to the Floating Lands in Celestia. I would assume that there is a bit of effort involved in getting my next badge, so I wasn't totally sure that I would be able to complete it without full access to Celestia, but I decided to give it a try.

Thanking Morgrim, I go visit Pierce so I could see what my quest would entail. It is an amulet. I have to craft an amulet. The recipe for this one is:

5 Polymorph Treant cards
7 Perfect Jade
5 Pristine Vials
6 Suntone
11 Goldgen Pearl
8 Fish Fin
10 Sandstone

I look at my backpack and find that I have everything except the Treasure Cards.I hadn't seen these before, so I take a look at Wizard101Central to see where I can get hold of it. The answer is: The Archivist. Again this was somewhere I had never been, though a knew it was Celestia. So had to ask Morgrim for another quick lift over to the Archivist so I could buy these cards. (Thanks again!)

But it just goes to show how useful Gardening is, saves me the drama of having to go find these reagents and probably spend a ton of gold to get.

The amulet can be crafted at the Equipment crafting station, so I hot foot it back to my Farm and go craft 1 of the amulets. Immediately I am called back to Pierce (I had previously marked my location!), so off and go and this is what he says:

Seriously? That's it? I was expecting to have to craft a few different items to get this badge, and I got it in 2 minutes!! Good news is that I didn't see much of Celestia while doing it, so I still have all that to look forward to. I don't think I've spoilt things being impatient. Though it is definitely not something I intend to do much, I still like running through things in order and enjoying the story that is being told. KI have put so much effort into the story behind the game.... really it is the least we can do as Wizards!
So now I have access to buy the recipes for the better gear in Vestrilund, and I need to head back over to Celestia to see what other crafting items have now opened up to me.

But all this for another day. For now I will wear my new badge - I think it may be a while before I move up to the next level of crafting!

Until Next Time,

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