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Friday, 17 January 2014

Pet Training - The PERFECT tip

Pet training.  If you want that perfect pet, this is simply unavoidable.  It is a task that some relish and a task that others fear or simply hate!

One of the challenges for any trainer is the speed to leveling up between stages.  There are lots of blog entries here at the Keep on how to accelerate this with snacks.  You can find them by clicking here, here and in Blaze's Tips and Tricks here.

Well, that is certainly part of the equation.  The other part is the actual training itself.  Typically, die hard pet trainers will always go for the Dance Game.  It is fast and easy to get a perfect score is easy when know how.
It is funny, but I think there are two types of people that enjoy this game.  The counters, and the music lovers.  Funnily enough, I love music and thought this was the game for me.  It seems that my basic premise that this would help me master this game was wrong from the outset!

Keeping my music up, I would charge into every game listening carefully for the change in sound in order to know which note to click on, when and how many.  I would usually average 6 although sometimes I only got 5 right, and sometimes all 7, but wow, that 7th note made it so much harder.

I was discussing this with Alia one day and she told me she didn't even listen to the music, she just counted the rhythm of the arrows and formed a pattern from one to the next.  I know Alia does this with numbers, so it did make sense that she'd do it here too.  The funny thing was, she was soooo fast!

Stubborn me, I kept at my practice of listening for the music, but with constant distractions, this just became a real challenge and I found myself getting a perfect score less and less often.  So...well...I swallowed my pride and turned off my sound.

OK, I started with a couple of 6's, but they were so easy?!  I could even get them if someone started talking to me?  What is this?  There might be something in this after all!

Well, times have changed now.  I fly into the Dance Game, sound off, watching and counting those flashing arrows.  It is strange, but sometimes you aren't sure of the next one, but your fingers just know.  And before you have it, another Perfect score.  Now, I am disappointed when I don't get a 7!

Oh, one last tip.  With the 7th note, focus on remembering the last arrow.  It can sometimes help you count backwards to make sure you have it right.

And as you can see, my regular supply of Mega Snacks make this activity soooooo much quicker!

BTW- if you have any other Pet Training tips, be sure to let me know what you do.  I enjoy being able to keep learning.

Good luck with your training and...

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. I still haven't managed to get my head around that dance game. I've been taking the more leisurely route by using the Grumpy Gobblers. Tend to use the first setup as often I can complete it in one, two or three hits. No stress at having to get the rhythms right :)

    Really need to work on getting the mega snacks though, Thanks again for the gardening guide.

  2. Hey Scarlet, I could never get the rhythms right either. The beauty about doing it with no sound is that you realise that the rhythm is a distraction. You just tap those keys in the right sequence as quickly as you can. It is amazing the difference it makes!

    And there you go, Grumpy Gobblers takes me ages. I haven't quite figured out how to line it up properly yet. In the time I am trying to just line it up, I would have my 4 points on the dance game lol!

  3. Hmm, okay, think you may have persuaded me to give the Dance game a go, lol.

  4. You know, you'll have to let us know how you get on :)

    Good luck!

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  6. Hey, thanks Liama - we take that as a real compliment! XD